Dec. 2nd, 2016

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Donald Trump’s long history of clashes with Native Americans
Trump’s harsh rhetoric on Native Americans was part of his aggressive war on the expanding Native American casino industry during the 1990s, which posed a threat to his gambling empire. The racially tinged remarks and broad-brush characterizations that Trump employed against Indian tribes for over a decade provided an early glimpse of the kind of incendiary language that he would use about racial and ethnic groups in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Election 2016: Exit Polls
Updated as results become available.

The FCC just passed sweeping new rules to protect your online privacy
The new rules, which could face a legal challenge from affected companies, require Internet providers to obtain their customers’ explicit consent before using or sharing sensitive data with third parties, such as marketing firms. That could mean dialogue boxes, new websites with updated privacy policies or other means of interaction with companies, which may offer discounts or other incentives to customers who voluntarily consent to online tracking. The FCC vote also restricts trading in health data, financial information, Social Security numbers and the content of emails and other digital messages. The rules force service providers to tell consumers what data they collect and why, as well as to take steps to notify customers of data breaches.

If Diamonds Are Forever, Your Data Could Be, Too
It starts with a tiny, atomic-sized imperfection known as a nitrogen vacancy center in your otherwise perfect diamond. These flaws occur when a stray nitrogen atom — or a few of them — sneak in among its carbon structure. Deleting a carbon atom near the nitrogen leaves an empty space perfect for stashing data.

Despite Laws And Lawsuits, Quota-Based Policing Lingers
"Next week, it could be 25 and one. It could be 35 and one," says a man Polanco identifies as a sergeant. The man heard in the recording is pushing his officers to get their numbers up. If they don't, he threatens, it could get even worse: The quota could be 25 tickets a month, or 35.

Why are Skype accounts getting hacked so easily?
Microsoft offers the ability to link a Skype and Microsoft Account together to make sign-in and security easier. If you already enabled this months ago, it turns out that Microsoft has kept your original Skype account password separate so that it can still be used to access the service with a Skype username. If that password isn't secure or you used it elsewhere then hackers can use it to gain access to Skype, bypassing any two-factor authentication provided by Microsoft.

U.S. Military's Suicide Rate Surpassed Combat Deaths In 2012
Kim Ruocco, who directs a suicide prevention program for Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, or TAPS, tells the AP that when they leave war zones, troops enter "the danger zone, when they're transitioning back to their families, back to their communities and really finding a sense of purpose for themselves."

A South Korean Man Adopted by Americans Prepares for Deportation
Mr. Crapser had been living legally in the United States under IR-4 documents given to adopted children, Ms. Walls said. In 2001, the Child Citizenship Act automatically made IR-4 holders citizens, but the law was not retroactive — it did not benefit adoptees who were already legal adults. “Adam was over 18 and so missed the cutoff date,” Ms. Walls said.

Ivanka Trump at Japanese Prime Minister Meeting Was 'Out of a Tin Pot Oligarchy'
Members of the press were also barred from the meeting, adding to building criticism that a President Trump will not honor White House traditions of transparency. Ivanka Trump’s presence apparently only became public because the Japanese government released photos; it is not clear whether she was present for the entire meeting.

Donald Trump Agrees to Pay $25 Million in Trump University Settlement
It was a remarkable concession from a real estate mogul who derides legal settlements and has mocked fellow businessmen who agree to them. But the allegations in the case were highly unpleasant for Mr. Trump: Students paid up to $35,000 in tuition for a programs that, according to the testimony of former Trump University employees, used high-pressure sales tactics and employed unqualified instructors.

For foreign diplomats, Trump hotel is place to be
Back when many expected Trump to lose the election, speculation was rife that business would suffer at the hotels, condos and golf courses that bear his name. Now, those venues offer the prospect of something else: a chance to curry favor or access with the next president. Perhaps nowhere is that possibility more obvious than Trump’s newly renovated hotel a few blocks from the White House, on Pennsylvania Avenue. Rooms sold out quickly for the inauguration, many for five-night minimums priced at five times the normal rate, according to the hotel’s manager.

Behind Trump’s victory: Divisions by race, gender, education
Among whites, Trump won an overwhelming share of those without a college degree; and among white college graduates – a group that many identified as key for a potential Clinton victory – Trump outperformed Clinton by a narrow 4-point margin.

Steve Bannon, the Trump adviser who spent years mainstreaming white nationalism, explained
Bannon was a key figure in the Trump campaign — and it seems like the lesson Trump took from this is that his ties to hate group are outweighed by his personal loyalty to the president-elect and clear skill at helping Trump articulate a message that successfully energized large numbers of white voters.

Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser, believes fake news and partisan conspiracy theories
According to the New York Times’s Matthew Rosenberg and Maggie Haberman, he said so many questionable or false things during his time at the agency that his staff coined a term for them: “Flynn facts.” Remember, now, that analyzing information is the national security adviser’s main job. Flynn’s principal task is going to be taking the information he gets from the military and intelligence agencies and sorting it in a fashion that helps President Trump get a sense of what’s going on in the world and how he should respond to it.

Michael Flynn ran company that lobbied for foreign clients while he received intel briefings
"Security adjudicators would have concerns that someone with Flynn's level of experience wouldn't think twice about sitting in on a classified briefing while working for foreign clients," Moss said. "The moment he sat in on classified briefings, his association with his own company had to be severed." "By not doing that he exposed himself unnecessarily to foreign influence and raised questions about his good judgment," Moss added.


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