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Day 10: Someone you are no longer friends with

I once knew this guy, Jesse. He was the friend of my s.o. at the time. Since that relationship lasted a few years Jesse and I got to know each other decently. He was a genuinely friendly person! Something of a goofball, chill and good-natured. The best person in that group to be honest. He made an effort to stay in contact with me after the breakup.

There wasn't that much effort from my side due to two reasons:

1.) We had completely opposite tastes in everything. I'd like what he'd hate and I'd hate what he'd like, guaranteed. Blah, blah, echo chamber, but how can somebody be friends with a person who doesn't like anything they like?

2.) More importantly, he hated cats with a murderous passion. Loathed them. Enjoyed it when they experienced misfortune or suffering. It was weird as fuck. When I asked him why he said that he was allergic and had to deal with cat dandruff at the house of a friend during grade school. That's not a good explanation!

The funny thing is that Jesse seemed like a blossoming furry. Or scalie, I guess. He just fucking loved playing reptilian characters in rpgs. The other people in that group sometimes hassled him over it. In his LARP he made a character that was a catboy. I once commented that I was surprised he didn't make a reptile guy (which I think was a canon race). His response was that he was worried about the group hassling him even more if he did. Urgh...that was unsettling to hear. What pointless cruelty.

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